Sunday, November 27, 2005

waterfordchocolate part eleven

"In less than two and a half centuries American whites have virtually destroyed a whole continent and large areas of the United States are now almost uninhabitable -- even so we seek to 'sacrifice' large rural areas to toxic waste dumps. The idea of defining religious reality along temporal lines, therefore, is to adopt the pretense that the earth simply does not matter, that human affairs alone are important."
--Vine Deloria Jr.

NB: As of 2005 it looks like not only rural areas are doomed to be toxic waste dumps but also metropolitan areas as well. Over 60,000 tons of high-level radioactive waste is being temporarily stored across the country at nuclear power plants and facilities. The federal government has yet to come up with a solution. Bush and Cheney -- the white lords of sound energy policy -- are pushing for up to 50 more nuclear power plants by 2020. Their hope: science will come up with a solution to the waste pandemic by the time storage from new production is necessary. Their faith: they'll be dead by the time science yet again fails them.


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