Saturday, April 22, 2006

kuyima part one

I arrived at Camp Kuyima today - after what seemed like an eternal journey to the center of the universe. It started by waking at 5 AM on February 3 (not sleeping at all the night before - partly due to nerves and partly due to coming down with what seems like the bubonic plague - more on that later) - getting to the airport, saying goodbye to P., when he looked so sad and worried and at the same time slightly pissed off, and then checking in, only to learn that the flight had been delayed - not once, twice, but three times. We were scheduled to leave at 7:59 AM and ended up getting out of there at 10:15 AM and had to change terminals and get new boarding passes. Meanwhile, I started to run a fever and felt like death - my whole body ached and my skin tingled when I touched it - hot and cold; cold and then hot. We finally got into Chicago and I had to literally run to the other end of the airport to make my connecting flight to San Diego. The plane is packed and I had forgotten that you don't get seat assignments for Southwest Airlines. I end up sitting next to a nice, but dorky, and probably not out-of-the-closet guy from Detroit who was on his way to visit his brother for a Superbowl party - throwing it just for him - and his brother has lots of friends, so it was sure to be a great time . . . Behind me sits a dorky Chicago dude with an Asian wife and a very well-behaved baby no more than two years old. The guy starts to discuss various sight-seeing locations in San Diego with the guy in the seat behind him, so loud that the whole plane can hear the conversation. The guy even offers to call his brother and ask him what's the address of that really good restaurant . . . Meanwhile across from me is a woman reading and marking a file full of lit. crit. I figure a graduate student but it turns out, she's a teacher -- the chubby chick next to her talks her ear off and literally won't stop raving about this and that and the other - including her daughter. So boring - the whole conversation. And this was all that I observed when I wasn't sleeping, which I do the majority of the time, wrapped in a blue felt blanket trying to keep warm.


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